Needle Felted Brooch

By: Linda Lanese

My brooch was created using pale purple-blue wool roving and dry needle felting. The stigma is felted yellow-green roving and a cylinder bead was attached. I will be offering sites and articles that show you how to needle and wet felt. Some roving wools I purchase felts much better than other. I will be getting a list together on what suppliers and brands felters prefer.



Needle Felted Brooch


  1. Glo says

    I am into different crafts, such as, scrapbooking, crocheting and regular crafts. I have never done felting but I think I might try it after seeing these.
    Thanks Linda

  2. Vince Dipaula says

    Hi Linda. I was thinking of buying a felted item for my wifes anniversary. Do you have any suggestions that a middle 40s Asian girl may like? Thanks for your input.

  3. says

    Felted jewelry is an accessory that I am sure your lady will love. Just put “Felted Jewelry” into your Google search and you will locate many sites offering these lovely pieces. Also try: Artists creates wonderful handcrafted jewelry. Good luck with your search.
    Linda Lanese

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