Pattern by Stephen Hartley

I found this wonderful blog  named Luscious Gracious that offers some very nice tutorials and I decided to spotlight the following tutorial for you, but do go and check out all they have.

Steve tells and also gives the pattern for this easy-to-make line of overlapping rings can be worn as a belt, and is easily adjustable for any wearer or style.  As the name implies, Strap can also serve as a bag handle, perfect for slinging over your shoulder or across your chest.  Ever-changing, Strap is warm and fuzzy as a muffler in winter and can be draped or tied as you see fit.  Push the ends through any of the centers, pull tight or sling Strap loosely over your hips, around your neck or from your shoulders.


  1. Kristin says

    What a cool idea! As suggested by Steve, you can make these rings in many different configurations to create one of kind scarves, belts, etc.

    I love your articles and stop back a few times a week and thought I would comment. I am a beginning felting and these articles are showing me new ideas.


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