Wonder Washer Review!

I received my Wonder Washer yesterday and I used it this morning and it worked great.  I took the pictures below and will put them on my site so you can see them closer. 
I knitted a ruffle collar in 100 % wool and I headband in 100% wool with fun fur details.  I set everything up on the table and added four quarts of hot tap water with a few drops of liquid dish soap and put in my items and a small towel.  I set it for 15 minutes on standard.  The only drawback here is that you have to pour out the wash water and add clean rinse water.  I find that just rinsing by hand is easy for me.  Once you are finished you rinse out the wash tub and you are done.  The greatest benefits for me are the small amount of water and the drudgery of the wet felting.  This washer could handle a purse or sweater with ease.   The felting came out perfect and I am impressed.   It is very quiet and does not vibrate or move on the table.  My Picutres
Linda L Lanese




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