Felted Goof up Hat


Hi All:I always love to share my mistakes with you. Well folks, this is a real goof up. I crocheted this hat starting at the top and increasing each round as one usually does when creating a hat. At some point it turns into a rather straight crochet down the sides. Unfleted it looked perfect and fit what I thought to be plenty large enough to felt down a good amount. I felted it once and it was two large, so back into my Wonder Washer it went. Fifteen minutes later, and no I did not check it every five minutes and when pulled it out this very strange looking pointed hat met my eyes. It is so outlandish that I just had to needle felted the girly skull and cross bones into the front. As they say; ” live and learn,” and then try again. I hope you enjoy my goof up.   I followed a stocking hat pattern and will be happy if anyone can explain what happened?Linda  :)



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