Comparing wool, wool-blend, and acrylic felt

felt1_1.jpg   stripes3.jpg   cover-image-done.jpg

I have been doing a great deal of research on every phase of felting that sometimes it is easy to miss the obvious aspects of felting, the wool.  I happened onto Laurie’s Old School Acres posting on comparing wool.  My thinking is that we should be purchasing really great products for our felting crafts. I have purchased some rovings that are supposed to be 100% wool and they do not seem to felt at all.  Laurie also has links to shops where we can buy wools that do a great job when felted. 
On Laurie’s site there are many neat things to look at and she has a couple of tutorials, one is on an Acorn perfect for this time of the year. She also pictures a sweet little felt pig trying to sniff out truffles.  Spend some time on her site and I am sure you will discover many more interesting ideas.



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