Felted Flapper Hat, Designer StudioLou

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Designing is what I enjoy the most. Repetition is not something that I take pleasure in. Looking at the latest extreme fashions is one of my weaknesses and I love trendy clothing and accessories that are featured in magazines like Vogue and W. You can’t help but fall in love with something new or an vintage style that is new again, like the flapper hats. When I came across the hat pictured I knew I had to try my hand at designing one similar. This is my design and I really like it. I crocheted it in fingering wool on a small hook in single crochet and then felted it. The feathers are somewhat different from the designer hat, but I believe they work.


  1. says

    The flapper hats are coming back and are looking better then ever! I really like how you used the inspiration of the twenties era, and creativly turned it into your own style. I think its great when an artist can use an inspiration to give a similar feeling but create a new look. I believe you have epessed this etremely well. I especially like the use of the feathers and the way they fall over your face. Beautifuly done!

  2. Kristin says

    Wow! I love this hat and have not seen anything like it in the stores. I wish I could buy this it is so lovley. I love fashion mags also. Keep up the great writing.


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