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One of our very own, Kimberly Ayers our Bath & Body editor wants to learn to felt and I am so impressed. She sent me a couple of pictures of her adorable little dolls she made, (these are not Felted) and I think you will all agree that they are sweet.It is very rewarding when one is inspired by something your write about and try the craft themselves.Kim says; I really want to learn how to felt!  I just love all the pictures that you post on the Felting blog.  Is there an easy way to start? 

Kim, maybe you can try a kit. I found this one for a reasonable price at Outback Fibers. Felt Kits for new felters or teachers who need a felt kit for teaching classes.

Let us help you make your beginning felting experience enjoyable and successful! The kit includes all the necessary items for two projects.

Complete Outback Felting Kit includes:

· Outback Fibers Merino wool roving in various colors for two complete projects

· Bamboo mat–12″ X 17″

· Nylon mesh fabric 

· Step by step instructions

I’m making little dolls that were inspired by the “Dotee’s dolls – I’m hoping that I can learn how to felt and try making them that way too.

Thanks Kim for sharing with us!


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    Personally, I think the editor would benefit more from a needle felting kit rather than a wet felting kit, especially as she’s making a dotee style doll.

    Obviously her felting needs are determined by her approach.

    If she wants to make a flat piece of felt which she can then cut, sew and stuff, then the wet felting method is the way to go.

    However, if she wants to create a a firm base onto which she can attach the doll’s face, some beads and other embellishments, perhaps the better approach would be to needle felt the body, avoiding any need for stitching and stuffing the body.

    There are loads of online resources for needle felting in cyberspace so she shouldn’t have any trouble sourcing appropriate materials etc.. Needle felting is a hobby that you can attempt for literally pennies. All you need to get started is a felting needle, some wool roving and a foam pad.

    Good luck with your project!



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