Repairing a Cashmere Sweater Using Roving

c2.jpg c4.jpg c3.jpg

I received an exquisite hooded Cashmere sweater four or five years ago as a Christmas present and it became one of my favorite feel good garments. Two winters ago I took it out of summer storage and when I went to wear it I saw two Moth holes in the front. I could not wear it and I had no yarn that would repair its pristine condition where it could be worn as a dressy sweater.Every so often I would look at it and try to think of how to repair it because I was not ready to washer felt it into a felted piece of wool Cashmere for a purse. As Emily Dickinson put it “A thought went up my mind to-day” and I rephrased “that was not there before!” Needle felt something on it and create a flower or design. I am not much of a floral person and I do love abstract designs.

So using a lovely roving mixed with a metallic thread that I received from our Jamie Chan Indie Crafts editors shop, Mary Jane’s Attic. I did felt abstract circles, first on the foam felting pad and after carefully lifting them from the pad on the sweater I felted the designs on the front of the sweater. Like magic, I now have a lovely trendy sweater.



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