Felted Headbands by Raimbow Tree’s

band1.jpg band2.jpg band3.jpg

The artist, Amber who creates these delightful head bands lives in Homer, Alaska where I am sure you would get plenty of use out of them.  She tells use from her ETSY shop; “The Warm and Cozy Felted Wool Headband is easy to wear and fashionably functional. It is a 100% wool crochet headband, which has been felted for extra warmth and durability. Each felted band then gets colorful adornments of some sort. Each design of mine is fun and imaginative, original and free form, inspired by nature and whimsical delights. Animals, plants, fruits and seeds are all centerpieces for my headbands.”It is not too late to purchase a lovely holiday gift from the Raimbow Tree, drop by and look around.   You can also view a slideshow on Flickr.  


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