Thread Banger, A Holiday Smile Thing


I happened to run across this site and thought it was some out-there You Tube site, but to my surprise it was fun and gave me a laugh! They are DIY-ers and show some interesting things about crafting and so much more. They tell all the latest in magazines and what craft shows are taking place, plus what people are buying. Check it out and have fun viewing these two upbeat hosts and watch all their on the Thread Bangers You Tube.

There is also a lists of cool DIY sites selling their goods and new magazines.

  • Bust Holiday Craftacular
  • Twigs and Heather
  • Annie of Bored Housewives Collective
  • Mr. Poncho
  • Swigg Products
  • Seibei
  • My Imaginary Boyfriend
  • Pillows for the People
  • Junk Prints
  • Amy Sedaris
  • Bitch Magazine
  • Bust Magazine
  • Ready Made Magazine
  • Altered Couture Magazine
  • Threads Magazine
  • Adorn Magazine
  • Venus Zine
  • Make it Mine Magazine
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    1. says

      thank you for mentioning us on your blog! we get a lot of questions about felting, you should send in a video of you teaching us how to do it!

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