Felting Tutorial and Art

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Jeanette lives in Sweden and is into many creative ventures and she fashions some really lovely felted art.   She offers us a pictorial tutorial on felting and as I browsed around her blog “Handmade” I found some pretty items that Jeanette made pictured above.   My maternal Grandmother was Swedish so it was fun for me to see some of the pictures of my Nana’s homeland.  Jeanette not only has this Hand Made blog but she also has a photography blog called “JEANETTES FOTOBLOGG”.  Sweden looks like and amazing country and I want to thank Jeanette for allowing me to see a little of Sweden through her eyes. Many of the blogs and people I write about are from countries I can only dream of visiting and totally enjoy the little trips they offer via their blogs.


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    Dear Linda!
    Oh my gosh…..I`m speechless……and honoured! Thank you so much for your nice article. I am so glad that you took an interest in my artwork and through your comment I found the Craftgossip Blog Network. I kept on reading, and reading and looking up links to other interesting artist. Your own work is amazing by the way…..I will definitely look in on you and the Craftgossip again and I will write a piece aboute the Network in my blog so that others get the opportunity as well.

    Thanks again!

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