Myriads of Felted Mushrooms

mushroom2.jpg mushroom4.jpg mushroom_thumb.jpg

The Kathryn Ivy site has produced a wondrous place for us knitters/felters.   They offer us free patterns and also sell their own designer knitting patterns.   I certainly fell in love with their mushrooms and the way they have them displayed.  Creative is the word that comes into my mind when I look at their art.   The patterns and tutorials are free for these little wonders that look as though they grew there and are a product of nature.   I intend to make several of these little guys.  They have their year in review where they writes;Last year was a great year for us here at KathrynIvy. In April we launched our website and blog and it’s really been a great experience. In 2007 we designed six patterns, put together four tutorials, held three contests, and posted 160 times! We’ve had a blast meeting lots of new knitting friends and we just want to say thanks for the support you showed us in 2007!This year we plan on adding lots more content to our site as well as designing more free and premium patterns, so stay tuned! was created by two sisters, Alice and Grace Schnebly, with the goal of providing information and inspiration to other knitters and crafters for their own projects. You will see original content unavailable elsewhere—honest, in-depth book and yarn reviews, tips, modifications, and illustrated tutorials. We encourage you to explore all the areas of our site, and visit often. Whether it’s a review, pattern, contest, or a blog about our recent projects, there will always be something new to find. We also have some big ideas in the wings, so stayed tuned!


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