Felting Artist’s “extraordinaire”

I thought it would be interesting to introduce you to some of the most unique felted art I found on the internet.   Artists are taking the art of felting to a whole new level.   I would like to own every piece.   The following two artists are so sophisticated and creative that their work is a must see.  There are other incredible felt artists that I will write about in the near future.  What also makes this article more exciting, is that both these artist are men and they are my first male felting artist that I have covered.

josh_winepocket_situ_lrg.jpg eggflat3.jpg

Josh Jakus is a Berkeley, California–based designer dedicated to making experiential connections between form and function. When a person uses one of Josh’s products, they naturally encounter the way it was conceived and developed. Achieving such connections requires a strict material sensibility — using materials in their simplest form so intrinsic qualities show through — and a rigorous design efficiency that strives to get the most impact out of the fewest moves.Josh founded his design practice in 2005 as a way of continuing his lifelong interest in the nature of structure, space, and materials. Though his design practice is driven more by intellectual curiosity than pragmatism, Josh is still happiest making things that are meant to be used. An architect by training with an M.Arch from UC Berkeley, Josh uses his understanding of the built environment and how it is inhabited to inform his designs, and he hopes his products will help foster a more intuitive understanding of all objects in the people who use them.

Visit Josh Jakus’ site and see all his wonderful art.

il_155×125_10108618.jpg il_155×125_10042898.jpg

Another amazing felt artist is Joshua Daniel Stone is a Boston based designer who’s work, contemporary and creative, gives aesthetic structure to an otherwise rugged and banausic media. Originally from Connecticut, Stone attended Massachusetts College of Art and worked in commercial photography for over ten years. His work has taken him from Mumbai to Brooklyn, from Moscow to Bariloche. Stone’s insistence on maintaining his products as American handmade (all materials and labor) has presented significant challenges, but speaks to his inspiration.

Visit his shop

Joshua Daniel Stone American Handmade and see his fabulous art.

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