ETSY shop (Ume Crafts)

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Jeanette lives in Singapore and had to quit her job last year to be a full time home maker, mainly due to a difficult pregnancy and is waiting for the little bundle of joy that is due in two months.

Jeanette started up her ETSY shop (Ume Crafts) two months ago and we all wish her the best of luck in her new venture and being a new mom.  She’s been doing crafts since her childhood and loves many varieties of crafting techniques.  Today, She does  all kinds of crafts including paper crafts (origami, pop-up cards), sewing/needle crafts, punch embroidery, clay, felt, crochet, Chinese knots, digital scrapbooking, to mention a few!

She has been focusing on felt currently and is challenging herself by customizing items like the sorbets, ice-cream cone, cell phone holder etc as well as creating the patterns and instructions to share with other crafters.

Everything in Jeanette’s shop is handmade and patterns are created by her unless otherwise stated. 

Her shop is filled with adorable felted items, cards, cell phone charms and specialty felting patterns.  I just purchased a greeting Card, for a baby shower and the Mini Felt Donut Cell phone Charm, for a fourteen year old birthday to go with her cell phone.  Her pricing is fair and the products are sweet.  Go and take a look at her shop and enjoy the visit.


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