Mohawk Hat’s for Kids and Adults from: Infantile’s

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I don’t know much about this ETSY shop keeper because I can’t locate a blog, name or anymore than what she tells us.  She Welcomes us to Infantile! Stuff for cool kids and adults!  What I found is some very cool Mohawk hats for adults and kids.  She carries a large variety of hats in many colors that are fun.  The pricing is also fair and there are other sweet items for you to shop for.  Welcome Infantile’s to Craft Gossip and pay her a visit.  Maybe she will fill us in with more information about herself and art.  Read the following about our  shop keeper.I’m a stay-at-home mom of two little girls who are the guinea pigs of my designs. And yes, they do run around in Mohawk hats. Hey, it’s cold here!

Many of my Mohawk hats are listed as child / adult as the measurement of a 4-year old’s head is just about what it is as an adult! You should feel free to convo me if you have a question about sizing! Please measure if possible for accuracy and happiness!

I truly enjoy doing custom work!


  1. Lisa says

    Thanks for showcasing my shop, Infantile! My name is Lisa Powers and I’ve been making these mohawk hats for about 6 months. I had a couple at a craft fair for babies, and adults kept trying them on! So now I carry them for babies, kids, teens and adults. I get a kick out of the comments my little kids get when they wear theirs! So many smiling faces really makes our days. I also carry bibs and mini diaper bags, so please stop by for a little window-shopping! Thanks again, and I’m so happy to be a part of this great site!

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