Knitted/Felted Diaper Bag by an Awesome Designer and Knitter


My friend Carol and I did a diaper bags project for a baby shower gift.  I designed the pattern and did the felting and Carol machine knit the bag.  Everyone at the shower thought it was an awesome diaper bag.  If you go to buy a knitted diaper bag it will cost near $70 and we did the project for about $15. The mother-to-be was thrilled and she can use it for a fashion bags after baby grows.  Since this has already had the hell washed out of it makes it totally washable in cold water.   If anyone is interested in the machine knit pattern contact Carol.  I do not machine knit, but the results are very neat and tidy. 

If you are interested in seeing more and larger pictures go FeltingFads.


  1. shirin says

    it is very good and I interester in knitting and knitt with my hands different things for example bags, sweathers, bluse,hats and so on. I will glad if get familiar with you and your working.

  2. Gayle says

    Looking for a diaper bag to make for my up and coming (August) grandchild. How can I get this pattern? I think the mommy-to-be will love it!

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