Nicky Epstein’s Fabulous Felted Bags: 15 Bags to Knit and Felt

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Nicky’s new book, Fabulous Felted Bags, is a treasure chest of delightful bags to knit and felt.  She pulled out all the stops when she designed the hand bags presented in this book.  The bags range from the traditional to the fun-fun one of a kind bags that only you will carry when you knit and felt it.  I have scanned a few pictures from the book for you to get a taste of the lovely bags.  What an awesome gift to give to a knitter that has been yearning to felt, because this book will inspire them.   This fabulous book is a work of art with amazing pictures and detailed instructions.  Amazon carries this book and if you purchase $25 worth of books, like Nicky Epstein’s, Knitting-Never-Felt-Better and you get free shipping and I hope this is something Amazon will keep as a part of their site to promote book sales with the gas prices so high!  Introduction,When asked to do a book of hand knit handbags, I jumped at the opportunity, because I love bags— they’re practically indispensable! I’ve incorporated many different shapes and motifs that range from whimsical to haute couture, and have tried to make them functional, fashionable and fun.You’ll find an added element that is very exciting to me … they’re all … felted. Felting adds whole new dimensions to the bags—texture . . . durability . . . cohesion . . . and distinctive style. I well know how nerve racking it can be to throw a lovingly-knit project into the uncharted territory of hot and soapy water and hope that the gods of the washing machine will be kind. Not to worry! If you follow my felting hints, it most always works. And the good news—a bag doesn’t have to fit! So knit . . . felt . . . and be merry.


  1. Melanie Feller-O'Neill says

    I hope someone can help!! I have Nora Epsteins “Fabulous Felted Bags”.
    I Have been trying to knit her bag called “Bobbles & Brambles”. Rows 1 & 2 went well, but I had trouble with the next rows in the Stitch Pattern
    Row 3 states “With color A, p1*p1 wrapping yarn around needle twice, p2, p1, wrapping yarn around twice, p1 repeat from *to end. My first question is when it says “p1, p2 why does it not say p3?

    Then on the next row (4), it states ” With Color B, k1, slip 1 wyib, dropping extra wrap, k2, slip 1 wyib, dropping extra wrap, (k1, yo, k1, yo, ki) in next st. Repeat from * to last 5 sts, end slip 1wyib, dropping extra wrap, k2, slip 1 wyib, dropping extra wrap, k1.

    I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but the sts. on those two rows do not match up.

    PLEASE HELP!! This bag is so beautiful.
    This bag is worked on 61 sts. (Multiple of 5 st plus 1.

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