Picture yourself felting your knitting by Sarah E. White (Giveaway)

Sarah was generous enough to send me her book to review and I’m giving it away to one of my loyal readers.  These will be one of these books that I will have to buy for my felting library to replace the one I am giving away, but this is what this blog on felting is all about, sharing knowledge and tools. It has taken me awhile to go through this book because of the many felting subjects that are covered. Sarah has put many hours into making different felting steps clear and doable for her readers. 

The book is excellent for anyone who wants to know everything and I mean everything, about felting.  The pictures show step by step instructions how to create any project from needle felting, wet felting, nuno felting and felting your knits.

Sarah learned to knit from her grandmother and mother when she was very young.  It was their influence that got her into the creativity of felting.  She is also a freelance writer, living in Arkansas.  She has been crafting almost all of her life and enjoys sewing, beading, candle making and paper crafts.  We are all excited because this is her first published book. 

Sarah gives us an introduction into the world of felting and how she personally discovered the joys of felting.  Her first experience with felting intimidated her.  She couldn’t imagine knitting a project and throwing it into the washer.  The first one was designing a bowl and dropping it into the washer.  Sarah was totally petrified.  When it came out of the washer okay, she was hooked on felting. 

In this book, she covers everything from felting toys, coasters, wine bags, hats, flowers and belts and I am only mentioning a few outstanding projects.   Everything and everyway of felting is described in this wonderful book.

Sarah goes on to tell us how do design your own patterns.  She explains how to do this in one chapter   covering writing out your patterns and how important gauge is.  When writing out your pattern, it should be put in clear and concise text and symbols that can be understood by anyone who knits.   I think all of us have read patterns and wonder what the creator of the pattern is talking about, so keep it clear and simple.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who wants to learn the ins and outs of felting.  We here at Craft Gossip want to wish Sarah the best of luck with her book!

We will be awarding this book this book on July 11th, enter by telling us why this book interests you in the comment area.

You can find this book on Amazon ( where you can see some of the pages in the book) or Buy.com, and at many other book stores.  Learn more about Sarah @ http://www.sarahewhite.com/  Sararh also has another great site Knitting.about.com that I am sure you will want to visit;




  1. says

    Sarah was so lucky to have such knowledgable people around her to teach her the in’s and outs. I have mostly taught myself most of my crafts from such wonderful book resources. I have done a couple of felted projects and have attempted a few others by felting in a different style…this would be a great book to know what i need to be doing and in some instances, what went wrong. Good luck to Sarah!!

  2. Kam A says

    I have never tried felting but winning this book would be the perfect way to learn! Thank you for the giveaway!

  3. says

    I’ve been felting for about a year and would love to see more on designing your own felting projects and also being inspired by someone else’s projects.

  4. says

    I teach knitting and felting classes at a local arts center (before I went on maternity leave) and would love to add this book to my collection. It would give me some more ideas for projects to share with my students. Thanks!

  5. says

    I teach knitting and wet felting classes at a local arts center (before I went on maternity leave) and would love to add this book to my collection. It would give me some more ideas for projects to share with my students. Thanks!

  6. Dianne Gardam says

    I was hooked on felting after making my first felted bear and went on to make some critters. I recently did an online workshop to add a felted face to a mohair bear, love it. At a local craft fair I was able to learn to make a scarf with the nuno felting technique, it was such fun. This book sounds impressive and I would love to be able to add it to my collection. Good luck with your book sales Sarah.

  7. says

    ..I´ve felted for many years,and I work around felting :) but I have only one book about felting. So it would be very nice to have one more ;). I visited Birgitte´s site and she told about the article you wrote of her.. It was a wonderful surprice to find this site too! greetings from Finland!

  8. ej smithson says

    i have tried to felt a couple of small things and i think i need some help….the book sounds great…..thanks for the contest…
    ej in az

  9. says

    Wow – this sounds like an absolutely fantastic book! Felting is my new favorite pasttime…don’t believe me? Check out my Etsy store! I love browsing books to learn about new techniques and to see what wonderful ideas other are coming up with. I use that as a “diving board” to jump into a new project of my own. I love the opportunity to win this book!

  10. Belinda says

    I’ve never tried felting before. This looks like it would be a great for new craft ideas.

  11. says

    Even though feltings been around for a while, I still find there is a shortage of books and patterns. It sounds like this book will give many project ideas – which is great. Of all the crafts I do, I think I receive the most positive feedback from my felted items!
    I would love to work with this book – especially with a box of coloured roving sitting at my feet!

  12. Sonia says

    Have just got into felting. Seems like a good book to learn.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Would love to have this book

  13. says

    I have just recently discovered needle felting and have made a couple of things. I would love this book to discover how to do more things.


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