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Cut Out + Keep, The Step By Step Crafty Community is the most amazing site where people share their crafts and how to make them.    I joined and found Melanie Ann Green who lives in Hull, UK.  Melanie has a personal web site and an ETSY shop.  Her felting art is marvelous and you have to visit her sites and take a closer look at her work (pictured).   I am hoping she will come here and leave a comment about her inspirations for her felting.

About Melanie:

“I completed my degree in Multimedia textiles in 2001 at Loughborough University. I specialized in embroidery techniques including CADCAM embroidery and domestic sewing machine. Later I discovered a passion for felt making and have been hooked ever since.”



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    thankyou so much for including me in your lovely blog.

    Since you asked so nicely…

    I find inspiration for my felting everywhere, most recently I have been working on a series of felt vessels based on sea creatures and experimenting with the different properties of felt and fleece.

    I also discovered needle felting and have become seriously addicted… i love fleece, all the colours and textures available are fantastic.



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