Anne Belgrave UK Felting Artist, Teacher and Author!

This posting relates to one of the books I wrote about yesterday “How to Make Felt” from the online shop “Create for Less”.  This post is about the author of “How to Make Felt”.  Anne is a Sculptural Felting Artist and works with rare breed wools.  Anne has some wonderful felted art and you can see some of it on her site.  I am hopeful that her book is as good as her art and that I will learn some new techniques.

There was a good review on Amazon about this book by: S. Davis

As a Textile Technology teacher I was looking for a resource that would be relevant, and contain simple directions with clear pictures and a variety of projects to choose from. This book has all those features and will definitely come in handy as both a student and teacher resource.

Anne holds workshops in a Primitive Methodist Chapel in the UK. The Chapel was built in 1867 during a time of great social upheaval, when the difference between Church & Chapel revealed deep divisions in rural society. One Hundred and Forty years later Anne is continuing its traditional role as a meeting place for creative ideas & events, with a suitably non-conformist approach. These practical, down to earth workshops are inspired by the landscape & its natural materials. 


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