New Felting Pen from Clover

There is a new felting pen out by Clover and our Funky Felter has given it her seal of approval.  I know that I am going to check it out.  I found it at “Create for Less” for $11.74 plus $5.95 shipping.  Hobby Lobby has the pens at their stores and there is a 40% off printable coupon if you live near one of their stores.  Shop around for the best price. 

From the Funky Felter:

Ordinarily I use one felting needle at a time when needle felting small items. I just hold the needle in my fingers without any casing or needle felting tool. I still do this for most detail work and find that it works just fine. Recently I came across a forum post that recommended trying Clover’s new felting pen for detail work and surface design. I’m very frugal when it comes to buying fiber supplies so I don’t just jump at buying the latest gadget, but this new felting pen looked intriguing to me. Read the rest of Shalana posting about the Clover felting pen on The Funky Felter!



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    I’ll probably be using the pen tool today actually 😉 I occasionally do felting supply and instructional material review on my blog so please visit their for more archived articles. I think it is always good to have review info from fellow fiber enthusiasts if available.
    Thanks Linda :)

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