Drop Designs, Felting, Crochet, knitting

I ran across this awesome site Drop Designs, that offers so many knit and crochet patterns in several different languages and you will want to try some of these very cool patterns. When opening the site, selects your country and the instructions will be is your native language. The instructions for the patterns are down below the pictures, so scroll down.  The instructions are somewhat simplistic but very understandable. Know your conversions from mm to USA although many of the patterns give the needle sizes in US.   Drop Designs appears to be a yarn distributor that sells around the world.  They do offer the names of three shops that sell their yarns and one is on the net.  The prices seem to be reasonable and you can match up the free pattern from the Drop Design site.  I am a very visual person and like to show you pictures of projects I am writing about. This is a win-win situation.   

The online yarn shop that sells the Drop yarns is, “Nordic Mart”.  While you are there check out some their other items for sale.  I saw some buttons I want :)


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