My Favorite Felt Sweets by Joie Staff, translated by Yoko Ishiguro

Photos from “My Favorite Felt Sweet @2008 Japan Publications Trading Co., Ltd and Joie, Inc.”

Good things come to those who wait!  If you are a crafter, I am sure you have seen the adorable Japanese craft books on crafting blogs and sites on the Internet.  People like you and I question if we can create a project from instructions written in Japanese.  Some have been able to use these wondrous books and complete the projects.  I did an article about a kit out of Japan and I had many questions and interest in the kits. Sadly the sources of these kits dried up and were not available outside of Japan.  The article is “Felt Deserts” and the Japanese site is Patisserie Soleil.

I am sorry to make this intro for a book review so wordy, but I want you to get as excited as I am over this book “My Favorite Felt Sweets by Joie Staff” and translated into English by Yoko Ishiguro.  This fabulous book cost less than one of the kits I mentioned above.  Yoko has done a marvelous job translating this perfectly delightful book.  The ideas and the sweets are perfection confections for you to create for gifts and yourself.  The pictures are works of art and each project has a life size template and instruction sheet.  You will not have any problem understanding these patterns.  Each charming designs is a feast to the eye and although your mouth will water, please to not eat these little delectable’s.  There are 106 different projects. Sheets of colored felt and basic sewing skills (and sometimes a little glue for the final, decorative touches) are all that are required to whip up these luscious-looking and guilt-free I have a friend who owns a bakery that makes delightful deserts like the ones in this book and I think that these sweets would create a charming display for her shop.  I have scanned some of the delights in this book the temp you and I hope you do rush over to Amazon or the book shop of your choosing and pick up this book and then let us know what you think and please leave a review here.

 If you are thinking of buying this book you may wish to get some supplies so when you get the book you can get started right away.  There are two thicknesses of felt, for rolling and shaping you will want 1mm thick felt and for item such as cookies 2mm felt.   These projects require very little fabric so you want to purchase some basic colors and the embroidery floss in the same color for stitching the pieces together, following are some resources. Save On Crafts” Carry Craft Felt Rectangles at discount prices. (9½” x 12″) sizesHere is a list of books that Yoko Ishiguro has translated.  Art Girlz Felt


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