Felt design extraordinaire

Higuera; crocheted natural alpaca on wire covered with circular alpaca

I thought I had seen it all with what designers are using felt for today, but you have got to check this out :)  I am not sure if the designer is Hessnatur or Miguel Adrover?  There no clear distinction and if any of you know please leave a comment

Spanish native Miguel Adrover came to New York in the early nineties, and within a few years—and with no formal training—became one of the foremost designers on the avant-garde scene. In 1995, he and Native American tailor Douglas Hobbs opened up an East Village store, Horn, in which they sold both their own line, called Dugg, and the work of other cutting-edge designers like Alexander McQueen. Adrover’s first and second solo shows, “Manaus-Chiapas-NYC” and “Midtown,” garnered widespread critical acclaim. His clean, prim lines and innovative sense of color, not to mention his groundbreaking deconstruction of the Burberry jacket, earned him a reputation as an artist among designers. In 2000, he was awarded the CFDA Perry Ellis best new designer award, and was nominated for best avant-garde designer of the year at the Vogue Fashion Awards.

From Eco Chick: The beginning of fashion week, we are meeting a very hopeful version of the future. The hessnatur show was the epitome of the direction I think fashion is headed in: supernatural fabrics in beyond modern designs.

This perfectly curated set of inspirations is fundamentally futuristic, and not a 1960’s-Jetsons way, but a very real glimpse into what’s coming. Iconic designer Miguel Adrover’s collection was Bladerunner meets The Hobbits, or maybe Mad Max meets Pan’s Labyrinth. It was insanely creative, gorgeous, textural, and monumentally fabulous.

Take note of organic fabrics that are sustainably sourced and the sculptural lines; a vision of the future than includes human beings living in real harmony with the Earth.


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