Suzanne Higgs, The Accidental Felter

Suzanne is the accidental felter. When she tells people that she became a needle felter by accident, she is not kidding! Her friend, Barb Marr had taught her to do Locker Hooking. She made about 13 2’x 3′ rugs. She crocheted only in the very basic sense of the word, and didn’t knit at all. So it was obvious to her that the options were pretty limited in what she could share with Suzanne.  Barb encouraged her to purchase the Wingham Felting Tool. She didn’t really instruct her on how to felt with it, nor did she buy any instructions.  She went home and made 3 hats, took them back to Barb and Gene to get their opinion. They told her that she was doing something a bit different. Hence, the accidental needle felter. Shortly afterward, Suzanne designed the Needle Felt Hat Forms, and a whole new fiber art form emerged. Every time she sees a needle felted hat, she gets a thrill just knowing that God allowed her to be a small part in that process.  On her blog you will find other ways to use her hat forms and see the beautiful hats she designs.  Please visit Suzanne blog “Hooked on Felting the Accidental Felter” and her ETSY shop “Hooked on Felt’s” and tell her you found her on Craft gossip.

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