Halloween Felted Marley’s Ghost Scarf by: Alison Gates

Alison Gates is sharing her Marley’s Ghost Scarf design with us with full instructions. What fun this would be to wear on Halloween or any other time to make a cool statement.  All the EMO teens would love this scarf or can use it as a belt made in the appropriate size.  Alison learned how to knit at age 7 from her mom, but didn’t finish a darn thing till she was over 30. Now, as an assistant professor of art and design, she instructs an average of 20 students how to knit all at the same time in less than 2 hours every semester. (She actually teaches all the textiles courses, some design and a little bit of Women’s Studies at the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay.  Go to KNITTY for the instructions.


  1. says

    Hi! Since the scarf hit the Web I’ve become an associate professor (tenure! I can knit in meetings now!) and am the Chair of Women’s Studies. I wanted to share my new blog address with you all, and to give props to my gorgeous chain scarf model, emerging women’s wear designer Cory Linsmeyer. I’m totally bookmarking craftgossip too, thanks for highlighting my scarf.

  2. Julie says

    I was google image searching for inspiration for some wool sweater felting and I recognized Cory! That’s so crazy! I went to GB and was in your 2-D class. I am now teaching art K-12! I am looking forward to hoarding wool sweaters and getting creative! I tried teaching high schoolers how to crochet and I learned the true meaning of patience! I love this ghost scarf so much! Julie V.

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