How to Felt a Bobbled Scarfle By, Linda Permann

The felters mind is so amazing and I am so impressed with what Linda Permann created while recycling a wool sweater into a Bobbled Scarflet.  There are step by step instructions on Craft Stylish for this chic Bobbled Scarflet.    Linda also has a step by step tutorial showing you how to make different textures with felt, and this tutorial takes it a step further to turn your felting experiments into wearable art.  

Linda relates: A fuzzy scarflet makes a perfect gift and it’s also sure to be a conversation starter. I made my first textured, felted scarf when a colleague of mine was about to throw her hand-knit, felted pieces in the garbage (she was designing a cat bed, but the large pieces didn’t felt the way the swatch did). I still wear it, and it always gets lots of compliments. If you gather enough sweaters and pebbles, you might just take care of your whole holiday list with one load of laundry.

Thanks Linda for sharing your talent with us.


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