The Tsagaan Alt Wool Felting Shop

This was a suggested site and the workmanship is amazing and the products diverse.  I have pictured some of these lovely handmade items.  I have searched and searched, but cannot locate a place to purchase these exquisite products.  If anyone knows what shops carry these goods let us know.

Following is about Tsagaan Alt Wool Shop:

The Tsagaan Alt Wool Shop opened on the 19th of November 2001 and, since that time, has sold high quality felt and wool craft products to foreign tourists, expatriates living in Mongolia and Mongolians.

The products in the shop have gone through a strict quality control process and are bought from home producers for a fair price. All goods are made and processed from natural, raw materials sourced entirely from within Mongolia. The production of felt is based on traditional environmentally friendly Mongolian techniques. Everything is done by hand, from the laborious cleaning of the wool to the demanding felting process.

In conjunction with NLM, the International Trade Centre (ITC) and Nooson Zangilaa Cooperative Union, Tsagaan Alt’s producers and management have organized felt exhibitions and competitions. One of the exhibitions, “Naturally Spring”, was held in March 2007 at the Mongolian Art Gallery. The special character of the event was the showcase of naturally dyed products, used 14 different technologies. In April 2008, Nooson Zangilaa organized an exhibition which featured the Best Export Products from recent international trade fairs. Tsagaan Alt has attended various international trade fairs, most recently the Ambiente Trade Fair in Frankfurt (February 2008) which resulted in extremely positive feedback and a large number of export orders.

Tsagaan Alt and the Cooperative Union have also participated in domestic exhibitions in conjunction with bodies such as the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MNCCI). At these events, the products have received numerous awards and recognition such as Mongolian ‘Best 99 products 2005 & 2007’, ‘Green Label’ for eco product 2006 and Prize for Export 2007.



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    Wow! Really neat stuff. I looked too and couldn’t find anything other than the original shop, sorry.


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    I am the Marketing Manager of Tsagaan Alt Wool Shop in Mongolia. We export our products to European market, USA, Japan, Norway, New Zealand, Australia and many others. All our products are handmade using traditional felt making techniques with modern fashion techniques.
    Please contact us through: or

    Look forward for business cooperation

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