Noni Signed Pattern Giveaway, Cherry Blossom Bags and Flamenco Bag! USA ONLY

Two of Noni patterns will be given away and they are both signed and ready for you to knit for a gift or yourself! Noni’s stunning: Cherry Blossom Bags and Flamenco Bag!  Each pattern is a signed keepsake pattern that you will use and cherish.  Noni’s patterns are works of art in themselves.  Again, this will be a random drawing and the first winner will get the Cherry Blossom Bags and the second winner will receive the Flamenco Bag.  If anyone would like to, or knows a yarn shop that would like to donate yarns for some of these pattern giveaways, please contact me.  Your shop will be featured and this is free advertisement for you or your shop! In the comment area type “enter me”   This giveaway will run from November 30th through December 6th!

Good Luck!  There will be two lucky winners.

Cherry Blossom Bags (No. 113)

These bags were inspired by the delicate majesty of the Japanese cherry blossoms in Washington, DC. The 3,000 original trees were gifted by the people of Tokyo in 1912. Every Spring at the beginning of April we wait for the pale pink and white blossoms to open. Then we hope for warm weather and no wind so they will last as long as possible.

The aesthetic of these bags is retro and chic: they are reminiscent of the sleek lines found in antique Chinese porcelains or silk brocades. The bag comes in two sizes and a number of colorways. One will be right just for you!

Pattern Difficulty Level: Intrepid Beginner to Intermediate. Requires knowledge of knitting, purling, increasing, decreasing, and knitting in the round on circular and double-pointed needles.

Flamenco Bag (No. 126)
– So Easy, So Noni! –

The flamenco bag is a medium-sized bag that was inspired by the luxurious skirts worn by the flamenco dancer. This bag gives the impression of romance and movement even when sitting on a table. It is a roomy bag that can go anywhere, from the park, to a fancy evening out.

Even though the bags look very sleek and high end, the felting and finishing is quick and easy. Simply hand sew the felt “flaps” over the snap handle structure (available from Noni, from Lacis, or from Sunbelt), snap closed, and walk out the door. If you like, add JUL Silver “Red Beauty” Bronze, Silver & Cornelian bag feet to the Red Flamenco bags or “Black Beauty” Silver & Onyx bag feet to the Blue Flamenco bag for a wonderfully luxurious finished look. Also look for Noni pockets, 100% silk pockets available in 7 colors: 2 zippered pockets and a cell phone pouch you can simply sew into your bag. Instant (and beautiful) functionality for any bag!



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    Noni always makes such beautiful designs!! I just love the cherry blossoms one, and I know my SIL would love the flamenco one.
    Please enter me!

    Thank you for the great contest!

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    Oh My! I have never seen anything like this before! I would love to get to know her work better!
    Please “enter me” into this wonderful contest!
    Thank you for such a great chance at something that is new to me!

    Have a great Holiday Season!

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    Please enter me and I am excited to have discovered your blog (and not just because of the contest, either)!

    Best holiday wishes to you and yours!

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    I’d love to win…I’m being as tenacious as bulldog on these giveaways. As a side note – I love the description for the difficulty level. Cute! Thanks for the giveaway.

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