Five Noni Signed Patterns Giveaway! Just Pansies, Forget-Me-Not, Peony Flowers, Camellia Flowers, Just Tulips (USA ONLY)

FIVE of Noni patterns will be given away and they are signed and ready for you to knit for a gift or yourself! Noni’s stunning: Just Pansies, Forget-Me-Not, Peony Flowers, Camellia Flowers, Just Tulips!  Each pattern is a signed keepsake pattern that you will use and cherish.  Noni’s patterns are works of art in themselves.  Again, this will be a random drawing and the first winner will get the Cherry Blossom Bags and the second winner will receive the Flamenco Bag.  If anyone would like to, or knows a yarn shop that would like to donate yarns for some of these pattern giveaways, please contact me.  Your shop will be featured and this is free advertisement for you or your shop! In the comment area type “enter me”   This giveaway will run from December 7th through December 12th!

Good Luck!  There will be FIVE lucky winners.

 Just Pansies (No. 211)

Adorn anything, anything at all, with a field of cheerful pansies. These lively flowers will brighten up sweaters, jackets, winter coats, bags, or the table when you knit them in clusters. Worked on double pointed needles, they are knit in pieces and assembled before felting.

Forget-Me-Not (No. 209)

This flower is a tribute to all women who have struggled against breast cancer, those who have struggled and survived and those who have not. Forget-me-nots are delicate looking flowers, but this delicacy belies their strength and tenacity. They are beautiful in the wildest and most wasted of places. They survive. They endure. They come back. The specific tributes you see in the background of this pattern are from the family members of women who have fought breast cancer. If you would like your own tribute added to this pattern, please write to me at

I was inspired to make this flower when Dorret Conway ( contacted me from England with a request. She wanted to wear flowers I designed on a decorated bra in a special walk called the Moon Walk, a breast cancer research fundraising walk organized by WalktheWalk (, and she wanted to publish the pattern for free on the internet. I decided to do one better: design a special flower and then donate all my pattern sales profits to breast cancer research through the WalktheWalk organization and the Susan G. Komen foundation in the USA ( My hope is that women all over the US and Europe will wear the Noni Forget-Me-Not at breast cancer fundraising events, decorating bras, t-shirts, sneakers, and flip flops, knowing that every pattern purchase will help the fight.

The flowers you see on the pattern cover will decorate a bra that will also help the fight as a donation to a fundraising auction in October 2007 for LifeBridge Health Department ( I hope you will buy this pattern (and knit lots of flowers) because by doing so you are helping to raise funds and awareness about breast cancer.

Pattern Difficulty Level: Beginner to Advanced. Requires knowledge of knitting and purling, knitting on the round on double pointed needles.

Peony Flowers (No. 207)

Peonies beguile us every Spring: their round buds glisten and require the assistance of small ants to open. Alas, they are gone too quickly as Summer approaches.

Now you can carry the lushness of peonies with you all year: they look complex to make, but this pattern is deceptively easy to knit. Use them to embellish your lattice bag, your carpet bag, or put pins on them and switch between bags, coats, denim jackets, and hats. A beautiful flower for any occasion.

Camellia Flowers (No. 201)

One of our most popular patterns and the Noni signature flower, the Camellia is as versatile as it is beautiful.

This pattern tells you how to make simple camellias with five petals or truly luscious, sexy flowers with thirty (or more-why not!?) petals. Use tiny needles to make tiny ones that add whimsy to any bag, or gift, or jacket, or shoe. Use larger needles and larger yarn to make huge camellias that demand everyone’s attention and could very well be a hat all on their own if, of course, you have the gumption to wear it that way!

Just Tulips (No. 213)

Spring weather brings with it the curved stalks and delicately cupped flowers of the tulip in more color combinations than can easily be counted. This pattern allows you to bring tulips into your repertoire of knitted and felted flowers. Included are instructions for two-color (intarsia) tulips on their long, curved stems in two styles, those with rounded tips and those with pointy tips. Knitters wishing to make solid colored tulips may certainly do so.


  1. says

    These are wonderful looking flowers!
    I would love the chance to win a set so I can try felting for the first time and trying a Noni pattern!

    Thank you for the wonderful chance at winning these items! You rock!

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. says

    Enter me please!
    Such beautiful designs, I am speechless!! Thank you for the contest – I’m passing your request along to one of my LYS’s!

  3. Janet Briggs says

    OOh – please enter me in the competition – I haven’t tried felting yet but am about to make a bag – wouldn’t these make wonderful ornamentation!! I’m jani22 on ravelry where I heard about your contest


  4. Linda Sayers says

    I googled for felted flower patterns and it took me to the website with these. Your site made it possible for me to possible win them. They are astoundingly realistic and I would love to give them a try.

  5. Julie Ruben says

    I want to learn how to make felted flowers so bad. I was in a shop in Lake Placid where I first saw them yesterday. Please get me started.

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