Noni’s Stunning pattern giveaway, Shirley Poppies and the Adventure Bags


These are the last two Noni patterns that I have for you Noni fans or those who want to try a Noni patterns.  I want to thank Noni for her generosity in allowing us to have all these beautiful patterns to give to our readers.  As I said before, each pattern is a work of art in itself and something you will want to add to your knitting and felting library. Good luck to all of you. This will be another random drawing giveaway and it will run from December 13th through December 20th. Simply leave a remark in the comment area saying “enter me”.  Keep checking back to craft gossip felting for more giveaways. I have a wonderful book on knitting and felting from Interweave Press and I’m sure there will be other fun giveaways coming soon. Check out Noni’s latest patterns. 

Adventure Bags (No. 112)

Because these bags are unstructured, they must be worn like garments – they come alive on the body. The soft drape of each bag makes it relaxed enough to travel with you on any adventure, from the urban landscape, to a long anticipated evening out, to a spontaneous jaunt for a long weekend.

These bags are all very simple in their basic construction. Perfect for the beginning to experienced knitter. The only challenge, besides not being scared of how huge the Weekend Adventure bag is before you felt it, is putting the zipper in well, The pattern, however, includes detailed instructions, so don’t let the zipper closure scare you away. You will love wearing these bags!

Shirley Poppies (No. 212)

Shirley Poppies (Papaver rhoeas) are flowers that are as tenacious as they are delicate. They will start to grow in winter, even as there is snow or frost still on the ground. When the weather warms, the poppy plants begin to grow quickly and by late may they are covered with blooms: white with red tips, red with pink centers, pink with yellow centers. . . the combinations are many and all of them are beautiful. Their petals are soft as silk and more delicate than the finest gauzy tissue cottons. They withstand so much yet hate to be picked, wilting quickly.

This pattern allows the intrepid knitter to bring the beauty of the Shirley Poppy inside to stay. I have replicated in this pattern some of my favorite poppy color combinations as well as their buds and seed pods to that you might make a bouquet that is as wild and wonderful as the poppies in the garden.


  1. Karen Johnson says

    Enter me, please. I am making your evening bag w/camelias, oh, how I would love to put poppies on one next!!! I am new at this and love your things.

  2. Sarita says

    Poppies are my favourite flower and I’m always trying to incorporate them into everything. I have just recently got into felting and would love to learn how to make thee lovelies. Please choose me

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