Winners of the five Noni designer flower patterns

Congratulations to all of you that won these stunning Noni flower patterns.   Thank goodness this was a random drawing because I would’ve had a difficult time choosing the winners.  I want to thank you all for participating in this giveaway.  I will be having one more giveaway of Noni’s patterns.  As it said all good things come to an end. I will be posting the last of the Noni’s patterns today. I will be contacting all of you to get your names and addresses.  When any of you finish your projects please send me a picture and I will post it on craft gossip. Thanks again for being a part of Craft Gossip.

Nacole is the winner of the Noni Just Pansies patter.  Nacole’s blog is:

Whitney is the winner of the Noni Forget-Me-Not

Meowy is the winner of the Noni Peony Flowers Pattern.  Meowy  blog is:

KJo is the winner of the Noni Camellia Flowers Pattern

Janet Briggs is the winner of the Noni Just Tulips Pattern


  1. Whitney says

    Thank you Linda, I was sooo suprised and happy to be a winner! What a great site Craft Gossip is!

    Thanks again


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