Felted Sweater Flowers with Betz White – CRAFT Video Podcast

Betz White, the author of Warm Fuzzies, Has two tutorials for us on making felt flowers which are so popular on Valentine’s Day.  One is CRAFT Video Podcast on Crafzine and the other is a pictorial tutorial is on Betz’s blog.  Use the colors of love and present this a as a gift, wear these on a jacket or sweater or glue it to a blank card and write your Valentine verse.  Check out Betz’s blog and the ETSY shop and pick up her book Warm Fuzzies.


  1. Whitney says

    I own this book and absolutely L O V E it! It is packed full of great projects and ideas. Betz is sooo clever!!

  2. Verena says

    I fell in love with the “leaf”-fabric in the background of the pink feltet flower. Does anybody know, where I could buy it??? Please let me know!!!!
    Thanx in advance,

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