Felted Envelope Heart Holder

I used the free crochet Envelope Flatware Holder pattern from Lionbrand.  I did follow the instructions from this free PDF file that you can get at this link. I knitted several more of the little hearts and once I was finished with the envelope and hearts I put them in the washing machine to felt. Once they were felted and dried I created little red French knots on each white heart.  I then hot glued the white hearts on to chenille stems, red of course! I stitched the red heart to hold the envelope together. I then stuck the little stems into the envelope and I am very pleased with the outcome. .Lionbrand has many free crochet and knitting patterns that you can felt even if they were not meant to be felted, but you must choose wool. If anyone has a clever idea for Valentine’s Day please let me know and I will feature it here.


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