Needle felting supplies (GOOD DEAL)

I posted the Gourmet felted, needle felting contest, yesterday urging everyone to participate and send pictures of their needle felting. Now is the time to stock up on supplies and if you are new to needle felting they have a starter kit. I found some good pricing on and only one dollar shipping. You will want a foam felting pad, felting needles and roving. I believe the price for the Needle Felting Starter Kit is $14. 99. I like the Clover Felting Needle Mat and the Clover Felting Needle Tool.  There is also a Wistyria Editions Assorted Wool Roving (Pack of eight) in primary colors or you can get one in other colors.  They also have needle refills for the Clover needle felting tool and other felting supplies, so look around and see which you need for the rest of this long winter. Now is the time to pick up supplies if you would like to get started with needle felting click on over to and check out these items. I can’t wait to see what everyone makes for the contest and I have been working on something myself, although I am not an expert needle felter. But, I think I will try some things interesting and enter the contest at the Gourmet Felted.

The Clover Felting Needle Tool

Clover Felting Needle Mat

Wistyria Editions Assorted Wool Roving (Pack of eight)

Needle Felting Starter Kit


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