Whit’s Knits: Festive Felted Garland Tutorial

Felting is an ancient craft and it was not considered a popular crafts until the last few years ago. As this craft has grown in popularity more and more people are coming up with fascinating supplies for us to use in our felting techniques. I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I saw of the little gadgets created just for making felted balls. It looks so easy that our children can use it. In this tutorial the author is showing two methods for making felted balls. One is using nylon stockings and the other one is using of felt Ball maker and think of the wear and tear it saves on your hands.  This is a fun tutorial, and garland can be used for decoration for any holiday.  Change color and you have a lovely felted ball.  These felted balls can be used in many ways, not just garland.  I found this tutorial on The Purl Bee is the online journal of Purl, a shop devoted to beautiful materials and tools for knitting, sewing, quilting, and other crafts. Do stop by and leave a comment that you read about a purl bee on craft gossip felting.  

From the creator of this tutorial:

The soothing pleasure of handling merino fleece, the rhythmic motion of needle felting, and the magical transformation from fleece to ball combine to make this a really satisfying (and relaxing) project. This is a great reminder to yourself to slow down and have some fun.

Where you can buy the Hamanaka
Futte – Felt Ball Maker and you can pick up the felt Ball maker hat Purl Soho



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