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Rachel is a wife and the mother of two, a 16 year old son and 21 year old daughter. Rachel and her family live in beautiful New Hampshire. And she confesses “I am owned by one Jack Russell Terrier named Gracie, she is my heart!” At this time Rachel is taking some time off and getting into her crafting. Her blog “Think Outside the Box” and her ETSY shop with the same name.  you’ll see that Rachel creates some really beautiful felting when you visit her Flickr, ETSY shop and her blog and you’ll get up better idea of what a talented lady Rachel is. So be sure to pay her a visit and tell her you found her on Craft Gossip Felting.


  1. says

    Wow Linda! A very pleasant surprise. I thank you tremendously for the wonderful article and feature on my felted goodies. Your photo selections look beautiful and so colorful. I just can’t thank you enough and I so appreciate the published links to my shop and sites. These particular selections were for two custom orders and all are one of a kind creations but I can and am very willing to recreate many of the designs if someone stumbles upon a ‘must have item. I am so honored that you have taken the time to recognize my work!

  2. says

    Rachel’s hearts are so pretty! I just adore them. They are the perfect thing to spread a little love and cheer. Thanks for featuring her!!

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    i have rachel in my favorites on etsy, fun and lovable things! (plus she’s a girl from new hampshire….my home turf, need i say more?!! smile)

  4. Rachel's Mom says

    I may not be the most objective reader of this blog, but I think Rachel’s pieces are creative, beautifully hand-crafted and priced very reasonably. Thank you for sharing her talent with the world.

  5. Rachel's Dad says

    Since we are separated by great distance (Rachel in New Hampshire and I in Washington State), when Rachel began needle felting, I only saw pictures of her creations. I was, however, enthralled by the pleasing appearance of her work. When, on a subsequent family visit to the East Coast, I got to see, feel, and examine her pieces up close, I was impressed and delighted by their aesthetic quality and exquisite attention to detail.
    Having, at one point in my life, made my living through art and craft, I like to think, even if only in the realm of fantasy, that I made a genetic contribution to Rachel’s talent. I hope that she will continue producing her creative and imaginative pieces and that they provide not only a decent source of income but also the great satisfaction derived from the ability to express oneself artistically. I’m proud of her efforts and the very appealing works that issue from her labors.

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    OMG! How cute are my parents, really? My mom and my dad both have left such wonderful and heartfelt comments for and about me here. I am overwhelmingly touched by their words and their continued support of me and whatever I do! They really are the best people I know and I am so proud to call them my mom and dad…and yes, dad, you are largely responsible for my talent both through genetics and inspiration! Love you both so very much!

  7. Kara says

    I am so excited that my mom found Rachel! She is going to make the ring bearer pillow that will be used in my fiance and my May wedding! So excited!!!

    Manhattan Beach, CA

  8. Rachel's Dad says

    Rachel, Honey,
    OK, I’ll admit to some responsibility for your talents. But, I only provided ‘seed’ and a bit of ‘fertilizer’ (we all know what that’s made of). You did all the work to cultivate and grow your own beautiful craft garden.

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