Outback Fibers is so Much More!

Outback fibers was a suggested site although I’ve done a few columns on specific projects offered by them before. They are so much more than a wool fiber shop. One of the items that has caught my attention is their pre-felted fabrics that you can create your beautiful fashions or home decor projects with. These fabrics are called Needled Prefelt Wool Batting imported from Australia and they are just stunning.  Imagine making a one-of-a-kind jacket out of this fabric or a gorgeous hat or purse.  They have felting instructions on how to use this Needled Prefelt Wool Batting imported from Australia. They also carry felting needles and attachments for machine felting.

Outback fabric also carries beautiful roving, felting kits, Wolf felt batting, silk fiber, products for spinners and a spinner kits.  They also carries the most beautiful handspun yarns I’ve ever seen. There is a gallery filled with beautiful Artistic Creations featuring outstanding fiber artists. Jill of Outback Fiber also hold workshops so contact her to request a workshop in your area. Or…come to Texas to visit us. Jill also conducts private classes.

Outback Fibers has an abundance of instruction and information about the ancient craft of Felting. Click on the following links to get information.

You don’t know how to felt? You have come to the right place! Go to our Felting Basics link and learn how to start felting.

How about a fun project for the children? Try making a Felt Ball. The kids will have a “ball” getting hands-on experience making different sizes and colors. Check out the other felting projects for kids also.

For the art of elegant felting, check out more instructions. The Wool Shed has instructions for making hats. Jill created a unique way of making a felt hat using a bucket for the form. Try the Hat-On-A-Bucket instructions for a new way to make a felt hat. For the more experienced, there are instructions for making beautiful Cobweb Felt and a beautiful, warm Scarf. There are also instructions for Laminated felt and Half-Felt and for some interesting Vessels.

Needled Prefelts (Felting Fabric)
Have you tried felting fabric?  Outback Fibers is importing an ultra-thin needled prefelt. This fantastic material that is light and thin that will make your projects so much easier.  Click here for some instructions for our needled pre-felts (Felting Fabric).

Outback fiber is of wonderful place to browse through and see what type of fibers they offer and what projects can be completed with each fiber. Want to thank the person that suggested this amazing site. Take a trip on over to outback fiber’s and the surprise!

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