CraftStylish Restyle a magazine from “Taunton” Review and Giveaway!

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One of my favorite pastimes is going to one of the larger bookstores and thumbing through all the craft magazines on the stands.  Drugstores carry very few crafty magazines, but the big bookstores carry racks of our favorite DIY magazines. I am always attracted to beautiful covers of the crafts that interest me. When I saw the Craftstylish on the publisher’s website I was immediately attracted to the cover and pre-ordered my issue and when I received it I was delighted with the felting ideas. There several fun felting ideas in this issue that I would love to share with you. So I will be thumbing through this magazine for you.

I have pictured a few of the amazing projects in felting from this magazine and I’m sure you’ll want to try them all. Felt an old sweater and then turn it into a crop designer vest and then add decorative stitching to really make unique.  Turn an ordinary pair of drapes or curtains into a designer’s dream with needle felting decorative edging. There is a gorgeous purse, pictured, titled felted times two. You first create the purse out of an old felted sweater and then you embellish it with needle felting and embroidery. Every project has complete illustrated instructions that are easy to follow. No matter what your craft, they are all covered in this particular issue of CraftStylish.  If you don’t win one here for you just can’t wait, than go over Taunton and order your issue today.

This magazine publisher “Taunton” is offering two issues of this magazine to two of my readers and I want to thank Jessica. To win this amazing magazine just write in the comment area “I want this”!  This giveaway will run from March 5th through March 14th. Visit craftstylish site that covers most crafts and new publications.


  1. says

    i want this! i have a love of looking through many of these as well when in the larger stores but sometimes am not able to pay some of the high costs for a “magazine” (up to 15.00)

  2. Shellie Seering says

    I want this! I’d loved your ideas and would like more! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Iva Visemirska says

    I want this!

    In my country thoe magazines cannot be bought – so, I REALLY WANT this.

  4. Deborah says

    Oh yes yes I want this in a big way. I love looking through all the different craft mags that I can’t afford too. I did break down and buy Green Crafts the other day and It is totally worth the big bucks.
    I want this one, it looks fantastic.

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