Felted Chick and Eggs Children’s Fiber Art Projects


Gale Bellew posted a children’s fiber art project on her blog which is called “hairlock painting”.  Her Wednesday Fiber Arts students completed several great projects during the last class of their winter term. The one at left offered the students the use of a variety of skills as they created their Easter chick’s nests.  Gail tells us how her students when about creating these adorable chickens and eggs in their little nests.  She tells us that this was the last of the winter fiber arts class projects for her students and the integrated all they have learned during the winter. Visit Gale’s blog Hairlock painting and read her instructions and you too can complete this project for yourself or with your children.

Gail is an inspirational artist and when you visit her blog look at all her amazing art and all the credits and achievements she has earned.

Artist Gale Bellew has worked more than two years creating this new art form which she calls “Hairlock Painting”. This unique and creative work combines her passion for working with animal fibers and the simple principles of Asian ink painting to create her impressive work using animal fibers as her “paints”, on canvases she makes of paper and fiber. This art form breaks through the walls of traditional fiber art forms in a way that no other has before. 


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    WOW Linda! Thank you for your support and kind words.
    It was a very pleasant surprise to discover that you had found and enjoyed my website and included my student’s work on yours!
    Next term begins on April 13th. I will continue to post my student’s progress and photos of completed projects. Please tune in again!
    Thanks again Linda!
    With best regards,

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