Lithuania felting & Fiber Artist, Vilte Kazlauskaite

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Vilte lives in Lithuania and it would not surprise me if we see some of her fashions on the American runway one season. She has an astonishing gift of transforming fabrics and fibers into stunning wearable art and accessories.  She uses the particles of wool, silk, linen and other natural materials transformation felt.  FELT MAGIC is one piece of magic of wool, silk, linen and other natural materials transformed into felt.

Vilte does a wedding line of clothing (pictured shawl) and accessories that are magical. You have to visit her blog and see her incredible work. 

She just opened her ETSY shop and it is filled with beautiful items just waiting for you to purchase.

When you do go to her blog (VK) I did have to translate it but it translates beautifully and this link here is translated.  We want to welcome Vilte’s art while introducing it in the USA and around the world. Best of luck Vilte!

Vilte has written one the first books in Lithuania on fiber art.


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    Dear Linda, Thank you so much for noticing my works and taking time to write this article about me! And thank you for all the compliments to my works! I appreciate it so much.

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    I found a phrase about Vilte Kazlauskaite that I cannot understand. It reads “ She uses the particles of wool, silk, linen and other natural materials transformation felt.” Could u pls xplain. Thanx.

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    Is that just my problem because I’m not of English mother tongue or is something missing in this phrase to understand what u mean?
    “She uses … materials transformation felt”. Pls help.

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    I think she is explaining that she does not use wool alone; but nixes it with other fibers to achieve her stunning looks. Many of these types of pieces are bonded together using silk or silk like fabrics and then rolled over and over in bubble wrap to bond the wool to the sheer fabric thus offering the light and airy scarves and garments. I hope this helps.

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