Package GIVEAWAY “Needle felted figures” (Book) & Starter Needle Felting Kit Complete with FREE Core Wool

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A major thanks to search press, I have another delightful book titled ”needle felted figures” by Bodil Nederby, and Arlene, of Wild Wool Farm an ETSY shop for her generous gift of a “Starter Needle Felting Kit Complete with FREE Core Wool” we are offering this AWESOME package giveaway!


Arlene of Wild Wool Farm an ETSY shop and her son have been raising sheep that are listed on the rare and endangered species list for 20 years. They raise Black Welsh Mountian,Jacob,and Navajo Churro Sheep. They live on a small 10 acre family farm in beautiful Northwest Washington. To help with the upkeep Arlene has been selling a little of their wool and yarn so others can enjoy the beauty of it too. She has created a website for her son call Michaels-Exotics (although the site is not complete, you will get an idea about this amazing farm) with more pictures of their animals, Always remember your purchases are going to help keep a breed from extinction, It takes all of us to keep something special. 

This book “Needle felted figures” was first published in Danish and now has been translated into English for us felting enthusiasts. With easy to follow instructions and pictures you will soon have your own menagerie of felted caricatures.  Very few supplies are needed to create these wonderful little friends. You’ll need a felting needle, roving and a foam pad to work on. (Which you now will be getting with this giveaway) Bodil demonstrates in this book with wonderful illustrations how to create these amusing characters and animals, there is are penguins, bears, rabbits, dinosaurs, trolls, aliens and butterfly and flower brooches.


Once you get the basics down on needle felting caricatures you’ll be able to come up with your own unique ideas, such as color combinations and a variety of different animals or other fun creatures.  This book is beautifully illustrated with complete instructions for you to follow. I tried to find some information about Bodil but was unable to locate a site or blog about her all I found is; Bodil Nederby is an illustrator for children’s books and a textile artisan. I always like to know about the authors that write these wonderful books. If any of you are knowledgeable about Bodil, please let me know. In the meantime I’m sure you all want to sign-up for this giveaway.


To enter this book and kit give away, first visits Arlene’s ETSY shop Wild Wool Farm and then “RETURN HERE” and in the comment area mention something you like in Arlene’s shop then type “enter me”  please do not convo Arlene ETSY she can’t eter you in the contest because it is HERE on CRAFT GOSSIP! Thank You :)

This contest will run from today March 30th through April 12th.


  1. says

    enter me please

    I personally love all the variety in the etsy shop because when someone has an etsy its usually of the same kind of thing but there is a lot of different things in this one so its really good. The photography is really nicely done too.

  2. Sasha says

    I am new to felting and I love love love the Macaw colors dyed Navajo Churro Sheep Locks. The Macaw in the picture is really gorgeous to!!
    Enter Me please!

  3. gabby says

    I was amazed at the care and concern that goes into arlene’s craft. Where do i start? The color’s are amazing and textures interesting! She is informative as well as fun! What an inspiration! I cannot wait to start this new craft! Please please enter me! Much gratitude….

  4. Lynn says

    I forgot to say “enter me” when I said how cute your new baby is. I love the book you are giving away, I had it from the library. I would love to own it.

  5. Rene Gould says

    Well, where to start – the dragon, the animals – too cute, but I LOVE the roving – all the colors, but esp the yellow, and the chocolate & strawberry !
    Enter me please!

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