Harlequin Feltworks Fabulous Styles, Jenne Giles Feting Artist

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I did an article on Harlequin Feltworks sometime way back and Jenne has evolved so far in her felting techniques that I thought you would like to see her latest styles. She has her main website called Harlequin Feltworks and she also has an ETSY shop where you can purchase some of her gorgeous creations.  I’ve always been in love with her rose scarf (pictured) and was thrilled to see all her new stunning felting. She has been featured in magazines for her amazing fiber art and it’s time we took another look at Jenne’s felted creations. We see that felting has invaded the fashion world and she is living proof that it has and is extremely popular.

About Jenne:

Jenne Giles is a San Francisco-based artist whose work ranges from traditional fine arts and crafts to innovative performance and installation art. She received her B.A. Degree in Art and Art History from Rice University in 1997. After working professionally in the arts and trades she began her own business, Harlequin Feltworks, in 2007. Her enterprise is dedicated to creating unique pieces of wearable art which combine her love for painterly color, sculptural form, folk art and costume.

Jenne is thrilled to be working at felt’s cutting edge of fashion and design.  Go visit Harlequin Feltworks  and find out more about this amazing artists and her up coming shows.


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    Lovely article Linda!

    Thank you so much for featuring our work on your site :o)

    Harlequin Feltworks

    (photos by Michele Clement)

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