Textile Art Sketchbook by: CAROLYN SAXBY

trapping  sketchbook_page

As I looked through Carolyn’s blog “CAROLYN SAXBY-mixed media textile art” at all her stunning felting and fiber art I was inspired by pages out of her sketchbook.  What an amazing idea, I thought!  Although most board artists have sketchbook, I’d never thought of keeping one on my fiber art.  I just do rough sketches on paper and these sheets get lost or thrown away.  Look at the above pictures at two of the pages out of her book and tell me this is not tidy and charming. If any of you are this organized, let me know.  I am not organized and maybe Carolyn has given me inspiration to change my disorder into order.  Please visit her site and look over all her awesome art and tell her you found her on Craft Gossip Felting.

Carolyn is a textile artist/designer living in Cornwall UK with her hubby in a beautiful cottage by the sea. She is inspired by nature – seed heads, berries, hedgerows, woodlands, coast paths, seascapes, seaweed, pebbles and blackbirds

Her style is “country” – lots of creamy white and natural colors with touches of RED. I love small collections of things neatly arranged, beautiful art, ceramics and hand crafted goodies


  1. Jodie Harvey says

    I’m really sorry to bother you, but I was your blog and noticed that you have included Carolyn Saxby on it. I know you probably get a lot of students emailing about gaining artist information for their art course, but I would be so grateful for ANY information that you could possibly provide me with about Carolyn Saxby’s background. I have been researching this for a few months now and at this point I am not afraid to admitted I am desperate!!! I really do not want to replace her and do my essay on another artist that has not inspired me at all! My work is just so similar to her own, and I would really like the opportunity to complete the assignment on this artist.
    I really appreciate you taking the time to read this, and I hope to hear back from you soon with any information you have e.g. email, address

    Thanks again,

  2. C gibson says

    its been years since those comments were posted but if there is a small chance anyone could email me some information on Carolyn’s background i would be REALLY greatful!!! please and within the next few days to!! HELP!

  3. says

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