Recycling Fiber Artist, Janis

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I ran across Janis’s ETSY shop “Kamatrice” and recommended one of her brooches on this next and she sold it. She has some really amazing products in her shop. I am picturing the brooch she sold because I found it to be stunning and the work that went into it had to be intense. She had named the brooch “coral reef” and the person that bought it is really lucky because I was thinking of purchasing it.  Janis has a wonderful philosophy about her crafting, she takes once loved clothing that has been discarded and turns them into beautiful works of art. She also makes special items and little friends by hand with up-cycled and re-purposed materials. Janis owns a bed and breakfast in Central Pennsylvania which fills much of her time, but between visitors she keeps herself busy with her sewing and handiwork. I think you will enjoy browsing through Janis is shop and seeing what can be recycled into stunning new items that we all would love to own.

Janis’ is shop and seeing what can be recycled into stunning new items that we all would love to own.


Janis has an marvelous brooch called “Queen Anne’s Lace” and I love the little narrative she has about this item, as follows:

When Queen Anne was making some lace, she pricked her finger with the needle and a drop of her blood stained the center of the lace. In sympathy for the Queen, the flower now grows with a blood red drop in its center.


  1. Janis says

    Great article Linda!
    I really appreciate your writing about me and my shop.
    Thanks, Janis

  2. Rosetta Webster says

    I loved Janis”s/Kamatrice’s work. There is so much detail and time put into each piece.
    The willow pillows are exceptional.
    I purchased a pin and a pillow as gifts for a friend who has “everything” she was thrilled!
    A very artistic site.


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