The Winners of the Knitted Felted toy animal patterns from Fiber Trends. . .


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I am pleased to announce the winners picked by are:

Blogless in NJ

Kim R.


Sue K

Several of my friends entered this contest and my daughter, but no one I know won J I was hoping at least one person I know would win and I would be able to use their pattern, but had their own impartial numbers.  Take a trip over to Fiber Trends and I hope you consider purchasing the yarn you will need from them. They have a large selection at reasonable prices.  Thank you Bev, for your generous contribution of your adorable felted animal patterns.   

Congratulations to all four of our winners and I hope at least one of you will work up your pattern and send me a photograph and I will post it on craft gossip felting.  

On Monday, I will be announcing a new giveaway and review on a spectacular felting book from Interweave Press.


  1. Paula says

    I just read your e-mail message and wanted to thank you and Bev very much for this gift. I’ really happy I won, thanks again!

  2. Sue K says

    I’m totally gobsmacked…thank you so much!

    Lambies,lambies,can’t wait to make some lambies!

  3. blogless in NJ says

    Thanks so much. I feel so lucky! I just sent mail saying I picked the HEDGEHOG. S/he is adorable!

  4. Kim R. says

    Such a great contest, I’m so very excited to win and hope to make my kitty very soon! Thanks so very much!

  5. Jennie Allalouf says

    Love to win your contest. I am a senior citizen and it will be a big help in making gifts.
    I’m just a beginner and looking forward to many happy hours of needle felting. Sincerely

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