Carol Gilbert Fiber Artist

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You’ll definitely want to check out this fiber artist. Carol Gilbert and “Yorktown Road” products are fashioned in her small workshop in Northern California. She strives to create designs that are interesting, well made and high in quality. Her products are often freeform in design; she does not try to force it to be a specific dimension or shape. She works with the piece of fabric and she allows it to guide her. The result is that each piece has its own character and personality. Placement of tucks, pleats and other surface detail will vary a bit on each item. She creates the most beautiful handbags using natural fibers such as linens and wools. Her handbags are some of the most unique designs I’ve ever seen and I am sure some of you will agree. She also sells her beautiful hand dyed linens for use in your creations. What a talent this fiber artists possessives and her work is flawless.  You can find her stunning purses in her ETSY shop. 

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