When I received this book and first thumbed through all the projects, the words “up-cycling and recycling” kept popping into my mind.  Sherri uses many items that we have stockpiled in our crafting areas that can be used to create some of her lovely jewelry. Pieces of fabric find new life in a beautiful pendent, broche or bracelets. I would almost say that Sherri is an ecologically friendly jewelry maker. She uses small pieces of wool roving and felt and creates stunning necklaces and bracelets that you will want to make and wear or give as a gift.  “Felt, Fabric, and Fiber Jewelry” not only covers felted jewelry but includes beautifully photographed and illustrated projects made from leftover fabrics, yarns and metal threads.  And a knotted necklace is precisely illustrated for you to follow and create your own version. If you like crochet you will find this book invaluable because she shows you step-by-step how to crochet chokers, flowers and beautiful bracelets. She uses treasured buttons and beads to embellish some of her creations. The felted necklace on the cover of this book is made from sheets of 100% wool felt and Sherrie shows us how to form the petals using water. The templates for the flowers are included in the book. There is the pattern for an embroidered ring that is delightful.  Each stitch she used this is clearly laid out for you to follow to achieve the look you are going for. The yo-yo necklace is one I will want to try because it reminds me of a quilt my grandmother made.  All in all Sherri has offered us 20 very doable projects that we will all want to try. There are several pages dedicated to the tools you will need to make these lovely projects.

About: Sherri Haab is a bestselling craft author with over 23 published books to her credit, with several selling over a million copies each. Haab is a certified metal clay instructor, leading numerous craft and jewelry making workshops internationally. Sherri has been a pioneer in the American Metal Clay revolution since 1996 when it was first introduced in the US. She is known for tracking trends in the craft industry and then educating consumers about how to use new products and techniques. Her own product, “ITS”, is one example of a new craft innovation. This product allows printed images to be applied to polymer, tile and metal clay. She now resides in Springville, Utah with her husband and three children. Click on this link to watch Sherrie’s Video on etching on metals.  Sherrie also has a website and blog for you to visit and find you more about her.  This book can be purchased at amazon.com.

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