The Amazing Crochet Coral Reef Exhibit!

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Coral Reef PDF
Coral Reef PDF


The many questions and interest I have received about Coral Reef is amazing. I have searched and searched for knit Coral Reef pattern and have not had any luck. is showing us some of the Crochet Coral Reef Exhibit (Pictured). As you see in the wording it is “Crochet” I wanted to see some knitted-felted Coral Reef. Valerie of “Ruby’s Button Tin” has been doing some experimenting with knitting the Coral Reefs and I think she is doing a great job (pictured).  I did a posting on a few I did but did not write a pattern (pictured).  At a site titled “Archive” and there is a PDF file you can download that give you a good idea how these reefs are formed in crochet, but I think knitter could translate these into knits. (PDF pictured)







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