Amateur fiber artists contest!


SOUTHEASTERN ANIMAL FIBER FAIR is the Sponsor for the 2009 Skein and Garment Competition is World in a Spin.  Share your love of the fiber arts, get recognition for your work,  and receive valuable feedback by entering the SAFF Skein and Garment Competition. Amateur fiber artists only. This competition is intended to give individuals with all levels of experience a chance to enter and exhibit their work. However in the interest of fairness, individuals who would be considered professional practitioners of a particular craft are encouraged to seek other avenues of exhibition such as gallery displays and juried competitions. A professional would be considered someone who meets some or all of the following criteria: advanced degrees, certifications, nationally recognized instructors/authors, and/or significant fraction of income derived from the sales/exhibition of their own work in a particular craft endeavor.  Check this contest out SOUTHEASTERN ANIMAL FIBER FAIR.

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